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Copyright Agreement

a) I declare that my contributions to are original, and that I hold exclusive copyright in the contributions. In the event that any material used in my contributions contains the work of third-party individuals or organizations, I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that the copyright holder(s) of such material are appropriately acknowledged and to secure any necessary permission for use of the material. If permission cannot be obtained, I undertake to immediately inform the course instructor and remove the material.

b) I hereby grant permission for, including my contributions, to be freely posted on a public internet server.

c) All contributions to are governed by University of Waterloo Policy 73: Intellectual Property Rights [1]. As such, the university has an irrevocable right to copy and/or use for academic purposes, including teaching and research activities, royalty free.


If you use ideas, plots, text and other intellectual property developed by someone else you have to cite the original source.
If you copy a sentence or a paragraph from work done by someone else, in addition to citing the original source you have to use quotation marks to identify the scope of the copied material.
Evidence of copying or plagiarism will cause a failing mark in the course.