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Project Presentations

Please write your project# and the name of group members

Date Name
Sep 30 Liang Jiaxi
Oct 2 Mark Stuart
Oct 5 Nirvan Singh
Oct 7 Trevor Bekolay
Oct 9 Aurélien Quévenne
Oct 12 Thanksgiving
Oct 14 Jiheng Wang
Oct 16 Sabrina Bernardi
Oct 19 Weibei Li
Oct 21 Mathieu Zerter
Oct 23 Sabrina Bernardi
Oct 26 Canceled
Oct 28 Iulia Pargaru
Oct 30 Mohammad Derakhshani
Nov 2 Joycelin Karel
Nov 4 He He
Nov 6 Durgesh Saraph
Nov 9 Min Chen
Nov 11 Yao Yao
Nov 13 zhenghui Wu
Nov 16 Nick Murdoch
Nov 18 Trevor Bekolay
Nov 20 He He Mathieu Zerter
Nov 23
Nov 25
Date First Presentation (project# and group members) Second Presentation (project# and group members) third Presentation (project# and group members)
Nov 27 Project #1 Mathieu Zerter, Iulia Pargaru, Mark Stuart Project #9 Durgesh Saraph, Nirvan Singh
Nov 30 Project #4 Weibei Li, Sabrina Bernardi, Nick Murdoch, Joycelin Karellin Project #2 Jiheng Wang
Dec 2 Project #7 Trevor Bekolay Project #5 He He
Dec 4 Project #6 Mohammad Derakhshani Project #8 Aurelien Quevenne Project #3 Yao Yao, Min Chen, Jiaxi Liang, Zhenghui Wu