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Project Proposal

Record your contributions here [1]

Use the following notations:

P: You have written a summary/critique on the paper.

T: You had a technical contribution on a paper (excluding the paper that you present).

E: You had an editorial contribution on a paper (excluding the paper that you present).

Paper presentation

Date Name Paper number Title Link to the paper Link to the summary Link to the video
Sep 15 (example) Ri Wang Sequence to sequence learning with neural networks. Paper Summary [2]
Week of Nov 16 Sharman Bharat, Li Dylan,Lu Leonie, Li Mingdao 1 Risk prediction in life insurance industry using supervised learning algorithms Paper Summary
Week of Nov 16 Delaney Smith, Mohammad Assem Mahmoud 2 Influenza Forecasting Framework based on Gaussian Processes [3] paper
Week of Nov 16 Tatianna Krikella, Swaleh Hussain, Grace Tompkins 3 Processing of Missing Data by Neural Networks [4]
Week of Nov 16 Jonathan Chow, Nyle Dharani, Ildar Nasirov 4 Streaming Bayesian Inference for Crowdsourced Classification Paper
Week of Nov 16 Matthew Hall, Johnathan Chalaturnyk 5 Neural Ordinary Differential Equations [5]
Week of Nov 16 Luwen Chang, Qingyang Yu, Tao Kong, Tianrong Sun 6
Week of Nov 16 Casey De Vera, Solaiman Jawad, Jihoon Han 7
Week of Nov 16 Yuxin Wang, Evan Peters, Cynthia Mou, Sangeeth Kalaichanthiran 8 Uniform convergence may be unable to explain generalization in deep learning [6]
Week of Nov 16 Yuchuan Wu 9
Week of Nov 16 Zhou Zeping 10
Week of Nov 23 Jinjiang Lian, Jiawen Hou, Yisheng Zhu, Mingzhe Huang 11 DROCC: Deep Robust One-Class Classification paper
Week of Nov 23 Bushra Haque, Hayden Jones, Michael Leung, Cristian Mustatea 12 Combine Convolution with Recurrent Netorks for Text Classification Paper
Week of Nov 23 Taohao Wang, Zeren Shen, 13 Deep multiple instance learning for image classification and auto-annotation paper
Week of Nov 23 Qianlin Song, William Loh, Junyue Bai, Phoebe Choi 14 Task Understanding from Confusing Multi-task Data paper
Week of Nov 23 Rui Gong, Xuetong Wang, Xinqi Ling, Di Ma 15
Week of Nov 23 Xiaolan Xu, Robin Wen, Yue Weng, Beizhen Chang 16 Graph Structure of Neural Networks Paper
Week of Nov 23 Hansa Halim, Sanjana Rajendra Naik, Samka Marfua, Shawrupa Proshasty 17 Superhuman AI for multiplayer poker Paper
Week of Nov 23 Guanting Pan, Haocheng Chang, Zaiwei Zhang 18 Point-of-Interest Recommendation: Exploiting Self-Attentive Autoencoders with Neighbor-Aware Influence Paper
Week of Nov 23 Jerry Huang, Daniel Jiang, Minyan Dai, Leyan Cheng 19 Neural Speed Reading Via Skim-RNN Paper
Week of Nov 23 Ruixian Chin, Yan Kai Tan, Jason Ong, Wen Cheen Chiew 20 DivideMix: Learning with Noisy Labels as Semi-supervised Learning [7]
Week of Nov 30 Banno Dion, Battista Joseph, Kahn Solomon 21 Toward Improving the Prediction Accuracy of Product Recommendation System Using Extreme Gradient Boosting and Encoding Approaches [8]
Week of Nov 30 Sai Arvind Budaraju, Isaac Ellmen, Dorsa Mohammadrezaei, Emilee Carson 22 A universal SNP and small-indel variant caller using deep neural networks Paper
Week of Nov 30 Daniel Fagan, Cooper Brooke, Maya Perelman 23 Efficient kNN Classification With Different Number of Nearest Neighbors Paper
Week of Nov 30 Karam Abuaisha, Evan Li, Jason Pu, Nicholas Vadivelu 24 Being Bayesian about Categorical Probability Paper
Week of Nov 30 Anas Mahdi Will Thibault Jan Lau Jiwon Yang 25 Loss Function Search for Face Recognition [9] paper
Week of Nov 30 Zihui (Betty) Qin, Wenqi (Maggie) Zhao, Muyuan Yang, Amartya (Marty) Mukherjee 26 Deep Learning for Cardiologist-level Myocardial Infarction Detection in Electrocardiograms Paper
Week of Nov 30 Stan Lee, Seokho Lim, Kyle Jung, Daehyun Kim 27 Bag of Tricks for Efficient Text Classification paper
Week of Nov 30 Yawen Wang, DanMeng Cui, ZiJie Jiang, MingKang Jiang 28 A Brief Survey of Text Mining: Classification, Clustering and Extraction Techniques Paper
Week of Nov 30 Qing Guo, XueGuang Ma, James Ni, Yuanxin Wang 29 Mask R-CNN Paper
Week of Nov 30 Bertrand Sodjahin, Junyi Yang, Jill Yu Chieh Wang, Yu Min Wu, Calvin Li 30 Research paper classifcation systems based on TF‑IDF and LDA schemes Paper