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Project Proposal

Record your contributions here [1]

Use the following notations:

P: You have written a summary/critique on the paper.

T: You had a technical contribution on a paper (excluding the paper that you present).

E: You had an editorial contribution on a paper (excluding the paper that you present).

Paper presentation

Date Name Paper number Title Link to the paper Link to the summary Link to the video
Sep 15 (example) Ri Wang Sequence to sequence learning with neural networks. Paper Summary [2]
Week of Nov 16 Sharman Bharat, Li Dylan,Lu Leonie, Li Mingdao 1 Risk prediction in life insurance industry using supervised learning algorithms Paper Summary
Week of Nov 16 Delaney Smith, Mohammad Assem Mahmoud 2 Influenza Forecasting Framework based on Gaussian Processes [3] paper
Week of Nov 16 Tatianna Krikella, Swaleh Hussain, Grace Tompkins 3 Processing of Missing Data by Neural Networks [4]
Week of Nov 16 Jonathan Chow, Nyle Dharani, Ildar Nasirov 4 Streaming Bayesian Inference for Crowdsourced Classification Paper
Week of Nov 16 5
Week of Nov 16 6
Week of Nov 16 7
Week of Nov 16 8
Week of Nov 16 9
Week of Nov 16 10
Week of Nov 23 Jinjiang Lian, Jiawen Hou, Yisheng Zhu, Mingzhe Huang 11 DROCC: Deep Robust One-Class Classification paper
Week of Nov 23 Bushra Haque, Hayden Jones, Michael Leung, Cristian Mustatea 12 Combine Convolution with Recurrent Netorks for Text Classification Paper
Week of Nov 23 13
Week of Nov 23 Qianlin Song, William Loh, Junyue Bai, Phoebe Choi 14 Task Understanding from Confusing Multi-task Data paper
Week of Nov 23 15
Week of Nov 23 Xiaolan Xu, Robin Wen, Yue Weng, Beizhen Chang 16
Week of Nov 23 Hansa Halim, Sanjana Rajendra Naik, Samka Marfua, Shawrupa Proshasty 17 Emergent Tool Use From Multi-Agent Autocurricula [5]
Week of Nov 23 Guanting Pan, Haocheng Chang, Zaiwei Zhang 18 Point-of-Interest Recommendation: Exploiting Self-Attentive Autoencoders with Neighbor-Aware Influence Paper
Week of Nov 23 19
Week of Nov 23 20
Week of Nov 30 21
Week of Nov 30 22
Week of Nov 30 23
Week of Nov 30 24
Week of Nov 30 Anas Mahdi Will Thibault Jan Lau Jiwon Yang 25 Loss Function Search for Face Recognition [6] paper
Week of Nov 30 26
Week of Nov 30 27
Week of Nov 30 28
Week of Nov 30 29
Week of Nov 30 Bertrand Sodjahin, Junyi Yang, Jill Yu Chieh Wang, Yu Min Wu, Calvin Li 30 Research paper classifcation systems based on TF‑IDF and LDA schemes Paper