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Project Proposal

Your feedback on presentations

Paper presentation

Date Name Paper number Title Link to the paper Link to the summary
Feb 15 (example) Ri Wang Sequence to sequence learning with neural networks. Paper Summary
NOv 13 1
Nov 13 2
NOv 15 Yan Yu Chen, Qisi Deng, Hengxin Li, Bochao Zhang 3 Will be added soon
Nov 15 Eric, Yiming Li, Rebcca, Susan 3 Will be added soon
NOv 20 Kristi Brewster, Isaac McLellan, Ahmad Nayar Hassan, Marina Medhat Rassmi Melek 5 A Neural Representation of Sketch Drawings
Nov 20 Maya(Mahdiyeh) Bayati, Saber Malekmohammadi, Vincent 6 Will be added soon
NOv 22 Qingxi Huo, Yanmin Yang, Jiaqi Wang, Yuanjing Cai 7 Will be added soon
Nov 22 Hanzhen Yang, Jing Pu Sun, Ganyuan Xuan, Yu Su 8 Deep Residual Learning for Image Recognition Paper
NOv 27 Mitchell Snaith 9 You Only Look Once: Unified, Real-Time Object Detection, V1 -> V3 Paper
Nov 27 Qi Chu, Gloria Huang, Dylan Sang, Amanda Lam 10 tba
NOv 29 Jameson Ngo, Amy Xu 11 TBA
Nov 29 12