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(Set A)
(Set A)
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|Nov 23 || Pouria Fewzee [http://portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1005332.1005334] ||Lisha Yu[http://books.nips.cc/papers/files/nips21/NIPS2008_0197.pdf]
|Nov 23 || Pouria Fewzee [http://portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1005332.1005334] ||Lisha Yu[http://books.nips.cc/papers/files/nips21/NIPS2008_0197.pdf][[Deflation_Methods_for_Sparse_PCA|Summary]]

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Sign up for your presentation in the following table. Put your name and a link to the paper that you are going to present. Chose a date between Nov 16 and Dec 2 (inclusive).

Set A

Date Presentation (1) Presentation (2)
Nov 16 Sepideh Seifzadeh [1] Summary Manda Winlaw [2], Summary
Nov 18 Rahul [3] Summary Fatemeh Dorri [4],Summary
Nov 23 Pouria Fewzee [5] Lisha Yu[6]Summary
Nov 25 Laleh Ghoraie [7] Mehrdad Gangeh [8]
Nov 30 Greg D'Cunha [9] Mohammad Derakhshani [10]
Dec 2 Yongpeng Sun [11] Ryan Case [12]

Set B

Name Second paper (The paper that you are going to write a critic on it. This is different from the paper that you have chosen for presentation.)
Greg D'Cunha Probabilistic matrix factorization [13]
Fatemeh Dorri Optimal Solutions forSparse Principal Component Analysis[14]
Lisha Yu Maximum‐margin matrix factorization[15]
Ryan Case Probabilistic non-linear principal component analysis with Gaussian process latent variable models [16]
Yongpeng Sun Multi‐Task Feature Learning [17]
Manda Winlaw Consistency of trace norm minimization [18]