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Please register your name and the paper number. e.g Ali Ghodsi (21)

Date Name (paper) Name (paper)
June 23 Zhiyue Huang (Measuring Statistical Dependence with

Hilbert-Schmidt Norms ) || Vahed Maroufy (13)

June 25 Your Name (paper) Hadi Zarkoob (16)
June 30 Lachlan Dufton (paper) Your Name (paper)
July 2 EnHui Zhuang (3) Your Name (paper)
July 7 Shu-tong Tse (Independent Component Analysis[1]) Amir Memartoluie (Paper: "Visualizing Similarity Data with a Mixture of Maps") (Link to paper: [2])
July 9 Ruchi Jiwrajka (paper) Yousef A. Sohrabi (1)
July 14 Jiheng Wang (Kernelized) Your Name (paper)
July 16 Your name (paper) Your Name (paper)