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Please register your name and the paper number. e.g Ali Ghodsi (21)

Date Name (paper) Name (paper)
June 23 Zhiyue Huang (4) Vahed Maroufy (13)
June 25 Your Name (paper) Hadi Zarkoob (16)
June 30 Lachlan Dufton (paper) Your Name (paper)
July 2 EnHui Zhuang (3) Your Name (paper)
July 7 Shu-tong Tse (Independent Component Analysis[1]) Amir Memartoluie (Paper: "Visualizing Similarity Data with a Mixture of Maps") (Link to paper: [2])
July 9 Ruchi Jiwrajka (paper) Yousef A. Sohrabi (1)
July 14 Jiheng Wang (Kernelized Sorting[3]) Yun Wang (6)
July 16 Your name (paper) Your Name (paper)