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Sign up for your presentation in the following table. Chose a date between Nov 15 and Dec 1 (inclusive). You just need to sign up your name at the moment. When you chose the paper that you would like to present, add its title and a link to the paper.

Date Speaker Title Link
Just an example Ali Ghodsi How to Build a Bird House: The Right Way [1]
Nov 15 (Presentation 1)
Nov 15 (Presentation 2) Mohammad Rostami
Nov 17 (Presentation 1) Lu Cheng
Nov 17 (Presentation 2)
Nov 22 (Presentation 1) Areej Alhothali
Nov 22 (Presentation 2) Tameem Adel
Nov 24 (Presentation 1) Pouria Fewzee
Nov 24 (Presentation 2) Ali-Akbar Samadani
Nov 29 (Presentation 1) Mehrdad Gangeh
Nov 29 (Presentation 2) Noha Elprince
Dec 1 (Presentation 1) Hojatollah Yeganeh Single-image super-resolution based on Markov random field and contourlet transform [2]