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Sign up for your presentation in the following table. Chose a date between Nov 15 and Dec 1 (inclusive). You just need to sign up your name at the moment. When you chose the paper that you would like to present, add its title and a link to the paper.

Date Speaker Title Link
Nov 15 (Presentation 1)
Nov 15 (Presentation 2) Keyvan Golestan Decentralised Data Fusion: A Graphical Model Approach [1]
Nov 17 (Presentation 1) Venkata Manem Gene finding with a hidden Markov model of genome structure and evolution [2]
Nov 17 (Presentation 2) Mohammad Rostami Compressed Sensing Reconstruction via Belief Propagation [3]
Nov 22 (Presentation 1) Mazen A. Melibari Learning the Structure of Deep Sparse Graphical Models [4]
Nov 22 (Presentation 2) Tameem Adel Graphical Models for Structured Classification, with an Application to Interpreting Images of Protein Sub-cellular Location Patterns [5]
Nov 24 (Presentation 1) Pouria Fewzee
Nov 24 (Presentation 2) Ali-Akbar Samadani
Nov 29 (Presentation 1)
Nov 29 (Presentation 2) Areej Alhothali
Dec 1 (Presentation 1) Hojatollah Yeganeh Single-image super-resolution based on Markov random field and contourlet transform [6]
Dec 1 (Presentation 2) Azin Ashkan