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VisIt is a parallel visualization software package. It is useful for rendering 3D images.

See Visualization for details on running Visit on netcdf files of SPINS outputs.

See VisIt Tutorial for a short tutorial.

See Visit scripting for some examples of Visit's python scripting interface.

See also ParaView.

VisIt on Macs

If you want to run VisIt on a remote machine and display it on your Mac, there are two ways to do it.

1. client/server

Run VisIt in server mode on the remote machine and in client mode on your Mac. [Anybody have details?]

2. on remote server with X11

Run VisIt entirely on the remote machine as an X11 application that displays on your Mac's screen.

  1. Start XQuartz, the Mac X11 application. It automatically starts an xterm window.
  2. In the xterm window, ssh to the remote machine with X11 tunnelling enabled:
    mymac% ssh -X
  3. Run VisIt on the remote host.
    remotehost% visit

Note: The version of XQuartz matters.

  • 2.7.8 works as-is
  • 2.7.9 untested
  • 2.7.10 (and higher) needs a feature enabled before starting XQuartz
  1. start the Terminal activity
  2. run this command (its effects are persistent across logout/login/reboot)
    % defaults write org.macosforge.xquartz.X11 enable_iglx -bool true