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Introduction to UNIX

Compute Canada has put together some introductions to UNIX.

Odds and Ends

This is a collection of useful tools, commands, and random odds and ends.

ssh config


  • A useful terminal manager - especially on remote servers.
    • It allows you to continue to run scripts in interactive sessions on servers, even if you need to disconnect from the server (or get disconnected).
    • Useful for scripts that take a long time, or when you only have a few minutes to spare / want to check in on it later.
  • See User Manual
  • See also this Blog
  • Key commands to remember are:
    • Create a new screen with the name <name>: screen -S <name>
    • Detach from current screen: crtl+a d
    • Re-attach screen: screen -r <name> (can omit <name> if only one session exists)
    • List all currently running screen sessions: screen -ls
    • To end a screen session: exit from within the session

RSA Keys

Tired of typing in your password every time you log in somewhere? Use an RSA Key. It's also more secure.


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